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Welcome A. Prof. Chenwei Feng, Xiamen University of Technology, China to be the TPC!

A. Prof. Chenwei Feng, Xiamen University of Technology, China

Chenwei Feng received the Ph.D. degree in communication engineering from Xiamen University. He is an Associate Professor of Communication Engineering with Xiamen University of Technology. His research interests include wireless resource management, reinforcement learning, congestion control, data compression, IoT, etc. He has published 39 papers, of which 4 papers are indexed by SCI, 15 papers are indexed by EI. He is a reviewer of IEEE Systems Journal and a member of program committees for several international conferences.

冯陈伟,男,副教授,博士,毕业于厦门大学。研究方向主要在宽带无线网络资源管理(包括接入控制、资源调度、功率控制等),强化学习在网络通信中的应用,拥塞控制,数据压缩,物联网技术的应用等领域,主持科研项目7项,参与课题研究18项。发表论文39篇,其中SCI检索4篇,EI检索15篇,公开专利5项。担任期刊IEEE Systems Journal审稿人,多个国际会议技术委员会委员。