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Welcome Prof. Lin Chai, Southeast University, China to be the TPC!

Prof.  Lin Chai,  Southeast University,  China

Chai Lin, born in September 1978 in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, PhD, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Automation, Southeast University, visiting scholar of University of Texas at SAN Antonio, USA.  She is a member of Chinese Association of Automation, Member of Youth Working Committee, member of Natural Computing Committee of Chinese Artificial Intelligence Society, member of Chinese Society of System Engineering, and member of Jiangsu Association of Automation.  She presided over 4 scientific research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in many research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and provincial and ministerial level as the main member, and published more than 50 papers, among which more than 20 papers were included in SCI and more than 30 papers were included in EI.  In 2017, she was selected as the training object of "Six Talent Peaks", and in 2020, she was selected as the training object of "Deputy General Manager of Science and Technology" of Jiangsu Province and Yancheng City.  She is a critic of Mathematical Reviews.  Her research interests include nonlinear system control theory (PTZ control, optoelectronic tracking control, UAV control, etc.), machine learning (deep learning, feature matching, target recognition and tracking, etc.). 
柴琳,1978年9月生,江苏南京人,博士,东南大学自动化学院教授,博士生导师,美国德克萨斯大学圣安东尼奥分校访问学者。中国自动化学会会员、青工委委员,中国人工智能学会自然计算专委会委员,中国系统工程学会会员,江苏省自动化学会会员。主持国家自然科学基金、省自然科学基金等4项科研项目,作为主要成员参加多项国家自然科学基金以及省部级科研项目的研究工作,发表论文50余篇,其中被SCI收录20余篇,EI收录30余篇。2017年入选“六大人才高峰”高层次人才培养对象,2020年入选江苏省、盐城市“科技副总”人才培养对象。美国《数学评论》(Mathematical Reviews)评论员。研究方向包括非线性系统控制理论(PTZ控制、光电跟踪控制、无人机控制等)、机器学习(深度学习、特征匹配、目标识别与跟踪等)。